Max Skoblinsky – Landscapes “Grade 2” 29 November – 03 December 2021

Max Skoblinsky

Theme: Landscape painting with oil on canvas “Grade 2”

To participate in this class it will be required that you have partcipated in Landscape class “Grade 1” !

Teacher: Max Skoblinsky
Duration of course: 5 days/ 9:00-17:00 Uhr
Date: 29 of November – 03 of December 2021
number of participants: +/- 12

Location: Hotel Alte Mühle in Schöneiche (close to Berlin, Germany), Brandenburgische Straße 122, 15566 Schöneiche
(Directions: from the A10, exit Schöneiche)

Language: Russian with English and German Translation

Course as described, lunch buffet included, without overnight accommodation and materials (materials can be bought in our shop or in the class room)
Price € 650,-

This 3 week landscape painting program of Max Skoblinsky is designed to teach students techniques of landscape painting with oils in a manner, that they will be able to compose their own landscapes and  with help of the learned “artifices” bring creativity and originality with their painting.

The students will learn how to experiment and eventually make the crossover from copying  to painting their own masterpieces.

Dedication, self-expression, achievements, aspirations to creativity of each student are the main achievements of the ARTIST!

Class Description

During this week 3 paintings will be painted using the painters knife as well as brushes.

The second week is focussing on the work with tonal values:

  • sepia, tones and halftones
  • imprimatura
  • light and shadow
  • building up the painting from dark to light
  • building up the painting from light to dark .

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